Mommy Gets to Babysit
November 25, 2019
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Good Abdl Boys Get Rewarded! (part 2)
February 15, 2020
diaper fetish, age play, adult baby

Arnold had a strong diaper girl fetish. If he saw a diaper of any kind, just walking past them in the store his mind went straight to seeing them stretched out over an attractive woman’s hips and ass.  The way they frame a woman’s thighs and gives their bottom a little extra cushion always gets him excited! Mostly he jacked off to porn, pictures and videos, but he had been lucky enough to get together with a few actual diaper girls and even convince a girlfriend to wear diapers every now and then. He had never come so hard or so much like he did when he was able to rub his dick against their diapered covered ass or push the diaper to the side to fuck them with it crinkling between them. Do you have your own fetish for diapers? Call me for some abdl phone sex.



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