Naughty Diaper Girlfriend!!
March 9, 2018
Drinking Mommy’s Milk Pt 2
May 21, 2018

Aww well if it isn’t my little adult baby phone sex lover. You like playing with mommy don’t you? Mommy sure loves playing with you. I know just how hard your little pee pee gets in your diaper. And mommy always makes sure to pay special attention to it during diaper changes! Like when mommy has your little pee pee powdered with baby powder as I’m putting your new diaper on you! You like to have mommy rub in the baby powder really good around your pee pee huh? Well maybe mommy can rub some diaper cream into it too so it gets nice and hard for mommy huh? Mommy would love that and it will keep happening if you continue to be a good adult baby boy for your mommy! Mommy knows how much you love diaper phone sex!
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