A Little Abdl Incest Fun!

Cummies in Your Little Diapee As Mommy Plays With Your Hard Rock Cock
August 1, 2020
Girl Poops Diaper in College Class
October 25, 2020

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For most people family reunions are boring and no fun at all.  It’s true for my family reunions, for almost everyone that goes there, except for me and three of my male cousins. Can you take a good guess why that is? We get up to so much together! There’s a treehouse out in the woods that we’ve kept up over the years and that’s where we go to as soon as we can. We’ve played house since we were little, but the rules changed a bit when we became teenagers. I still wear diapers with them, just abdl diapers now. I’m still their little girl, and I still do everything I can to make them happy, because that makes me happy! Happy daddies make for a happy adult baby girl, after all.  Wouldn’t you like to play with me too? Call me for some incest kink phone sex so we can have some fun!

Cousin Cali


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