How Will Nanny Rachel Treat You?

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August 25, 2018
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January 9, 2019

Well, your Mommy has gone and now it’s just you and me. To start the night off right, I’m letting you know that though I can be all kinds of sweet to a well-behaved abdl, I won’t tolerate any misbehaving.  Whether I am nice Nanny or mean Nanny depends solely on you, and what you decide to get up tonight.  I doubt you want to feel a strap across your bare bottom when you’re getting an over the knee spanking, but I’ll use it in a quick second. That would make me mean Nanny, but I would like to be nice Nanny tonight. You would as well, especially after I lay you down for the night and jack you off under your diaper.  Mommy will be pleased to see you asleep in your crib with a satisfied smile on your face! You need to call for some abdl nanny phonesex to find out what else I might to with you.

Nanny Rachel


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