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July 22, 2018
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Your Favorite Fantasy

So I bring you your bottle and as you start drinking it, I slide your diaper to the side to check to see if your were wet. I see that you are and spank your clity, then I roll you over and start spanking your ass. I stick your pacifier in your mouth and tell your that if you cry it will be much worse. You lay there spread over the couch on your knees. I can see your diaper starting to sag even more as you piss yourself because you are scared. I give you one hard smack on your ass and tell you that you have to go to the doctors, who is one of my friends. I tell you how your are a nasty little pissy baby and that you need his help to control you more.

The doctor comes back with a catheter and a large red bag with a hose that is connected to a small inflatable butt plug. You whimper when the doctor tells you to sit still and breathe through the cramps. He bends you over his exam table, pulls your phone sex diaper just off your ass and inserts the butt plug. You cry a little because your little baby asshole is being stretched. The doctor inflates the dildo just a bit and unclamps the hose and you suddenly feel warm inside. You piss in your already saturated diaper even more except it can’t soak it up fast enough and it starts leaking onto the floor. The doctor tells me to put you on your back and let you nurse on my breast. I force you onto the table on your back and pull out my tits.

You take my breast, drinking my warm milk, making you distracted so you forget about the doctor. All of a sudden you feel your diaper open and get pulled out and replaced with a new one. You feel something cold on your little clity. Next you feel like you have to pee but can’t and then I pull my tit out of your mouth. By now the bag is empty and your bowels are full of hot soapy water. Your moaning from the full feeling in your belly and your need to pea. The doctor comes back in to unhook the hose from the dildo and inflates it a bit more, sealing the water in me for the moment.

Your pussy is soaked from piss and cum, then without warning I ram her cock into your hard and fast. Piss trickles around the catheter from the pressure of my body clenching while I stretch your cunt all at once. I start fucking you hard and deep until you are just about to cum. Then I wipe your cum on your diaper and shove my cock deep in you to let the piss flow out your pussy and down the table. I open your catheter so that you can pee while I start pissing too. Your new diaper is already soaked with both of our pisses. I put a second diaper on you to make sure you don’t leak anymore then I make you suck my friend, the doctor’s cock. The doctor face fucks me until he cums down your throat. The doctor shakes your hand and then I put your clothes back on and say were going to the mall. I drag you around while you waddle like a baby because of your diaper. Then  I take you to a bench in the middle of the mall and make you drink your bottle while people watch. I put a blanket over you so that people can’t tell that I am finger fucking you to get you to lose control. You cum hard and all of the sudden your enema starts flowing out of you and you can’t control it. You start crying and telling me what happened and I tell you that you are in for a big punishment if you leak. I drag you to the bathroom and make you sit on the toilet to get the rest out. When you are done I clean you up and then bend you over the changing station. I shove a lubed finger into your asshole followed by my entire strap on. You cry and beg me to stop but I shove your pacifier in your mouth and hold it there to keep you quiet while I mercilessly fuck your ass. You feel me peeing inside of you, the same feeling you got with the enema. I strap a new diaper on you and make feel my piss and leaking from your pussy the whole ride home.



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