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Daddy’s Girl Gets Punished
June 1, 2019
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Diaper Baby Diaper Sex!
September 1, 2019

Tommy was trapped in adult baby diaper bondage, helpless both physically and mentally. His wife had left hours ago for her date, radiating sex appeal from head to toe as she let him catch a glimpse of her skimpy, skanky panties as she got into her BBC stud’s car. Of course as her fulltime diaper slave he had no right to ask when she might return and only hoped she would deign to play with his limp little diaper worm when she got home. He heard the doorknob turn, his itsy bitsy cuckolded cock stirring in his diaper as he imagined all the ways her stud had fucked her. She giggled at the sight of her diapered husband, spreading her legs to show him the thick cum dripping from her sexy pussy as she told him that would be his diaper cream for the night!


Mommy Jackie


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