Naughty Time In Our Adult Diapers
February 22, 2018
Mommy Susan’s Diaper Loving Phonesex Date
April 29, 2018

Ewwww what is that smell? Is that you abdl phone sex lover? I can smell your dirty stinky diaper from a mile away you know that? Man that stinks!! You just had your diaper changed not even how long ago? This is unacceptable, I just put you in a brand new diaper! So you know what since you decided to be naughty and mess your diaper right after I changed you then you’re going to learn your lesson this time by staying in that exact dirty diaper you just messed in! That’s right you’re staying in it and I’m not changing you until I feel like changing you! I’m not going to be changing a million diapers a day just because you like making lots of poopies so get used to being in that diaper you dirty diaper phone sex lover!
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