Baby Jay

Baby Jay

Being Humiliated - Tiny Pee-pee - Poo Poo Time - Sucking Daddy's Wee Wee

What's the matter little mommy or Daddy? Was i a bad baby boy? Do you need to bend me over your knee and punish me and make me suck on daddy's wee wee until all the milk comes out?

I'm sorry my wee wee is so little mommy and I know you said it's your very own pacifier and you want to suck on it until my milk comes out just like daddy's does in my mouth, but I am scared I might pee pee in your mouth mommy when i am done. Will I get in trouble mommy if my wee wee goes pee pee in your mouth?

What's wrong sissy are you going to cry? Please don't cry I promise I will stick my wee wee in you when daddy isn't watching. I promise I will be a good brother and lick on your pee pee until you fill my mouth with your juice.

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